Online Baccarat

Online Baccarat GameHave you ever heard about a game called baccarat? Unfortunately, this game has not still received such a popularity as slots or roulette, but everyone who has at least once tried playing this game would love it forever.
This short article will shed you some light on the game called baccarat. You will learn the rules, types, game history as well as some useful hints how to become a winner.
It is not fair that such an interesting game is known only to a small number of people, so we decided to present baccarat to every gambler and make the number of its players grow. Slots321 also offers a nice list of free baccarat games so that every player could appreciate how exciting this game is and how simple it is to win it. It may encourage our players to try baccarat in the online casinos with real money bets and get higher wins than in ordinary games. The list of safe casinos to play baccarat is also available on our website.

So, it is time to learn more about no download baccarat game, so keep reading!


You will be surprised by the simplicity of baccarat game rules, as even a child will learn them immediately. You need to consider only several things to get your lucky win.
The game features 2 hands that are called Player and Banker. Do not mix the terms as these hands have nothing in common with the player’s hands and casino! These are symbols to make bets on and win.
Baccarat is a card game where a dealer gives every hand one card and turns it face down. Every card costs a certain number of points and the hand which was lucky to get a card with a bigger number of points wins. Now let’s find out how much each of the cards costs.
The value of cards between 2 and 9 is indicated by their number. Every face card and 10 are named after the game title ‘baccarat’ and worth nothing. You will get 1 point when there is an Ace.
When you play baccarat with several cards and the sum of its figures is higher than 10, the points are counted taking into account the right figure only. It means that you get only 3 points of the sum of your card figures is equal to 13.


As the game history is rather long and it has undergone multiple modifications, today we can see many types of baccarat games you can play online. The most common ones are the following ones:
Punto Banco
Being a basic game type, you can find it almost in every casino both land-based and online one. You should not learn any additional rules apart from ones mentioned above to be able to play it. Moreover, the game has received such a name as “Punto” is translated as a “Player” and “Banco” has a meaning “Bank”.
2. Chemin de Fer
In the following game, you will not find a dealer as this responsibility is given to the gambler or several of them. One more unique feature here is a possibility to take another card if his current card value is 5 points.
3. Baccarat en Banque
The following example of the game dominates European Union for the most part. Players follow the rules indicated in the previous game, but the exclusive feature here is giving 3 cards to both hands, not 2.
4. Super Pan 9
Baccarat is known under the following name in the United States. Usually, a deck of only 36 cards is used for a game and every hand gets 3 cards. However, there is a possibility to ask for one more card as well.
5. Three Card Baccarat
The following game is played predominantly in Asia. You need only one deck to play it and every hand receives 3 cards. The one with the highest valued cards wins.
6. EZ Baccarat
You will not find any difference of this game from Punto Banco, but you will spot that pay out of the banker’s wins is made in a different way.


It is impossible to count or foresee the cards to win a Baccarat game, so there are no distinct strategies to win. But still, you can learn some simple hints that may help you to be luckier in the game.
Never refuse from reading rules even if you are know them. Every game developer may make his own changes.
Always start your gambling experience with the free baccarat game mode. It will allow you to check your luck and see if there is any sense to enter the online casino. Every game that is offered in the casinos has a free mode on Slots321.
Avoid betting on the tie. In fact, there are minimal chances of getting it, but even if you manage to receive it, you will probably lose much money to achieve that.
If you can not decide what bet to make, choose the Banker. It is much safer in addition to odds you might take advantage of too.
Play with responsibility. It is preferable to begin with insignificant bets and make them bigger only when you feel being familiar with the current game and you are lucky today too! Available playing games where bets are rather high – misfortune can empty your pockets very quickly.


here are no distinct facts where baccarat game originates from. It is considered that France or Italy can be a motherland of the game because from both these languages ‘baccarat’ is translated as ‘zero’. However, scientists managed to find out that this game has a rather long history that started in the 15th century. One version exists according to which the inventor of baccarat was Felix Falgurien, an Italian who used Taro cards to play. In several dozens of years, this game spread to France and gained recognition among the noble population of the country. Such period in the history of France as a ban of gambling by Louis XIV, the King of France, did not make matters worse as baccarat continued to flourish and gain popularity among gamblers in the illegal casinos.

Baccarat arrived in America in the middle of the 20th century and got incredibly popular with local players. Every casino did not lose an opportunity to offer its players this exciting game. The possibility to go viral made another step forward in the development of baccarat game as many new versions have appeared. Today you can find a variety of baccarat game types that need no download and no registration. It is possible to play free modes as well as bet cash in one of the online casinos. This game even offers real-time gambling experience as many casinos offer an option to start live baccarat game managed by a real dealer. No matter what baccarat game you choose on Slots321, unforgettable experience and fun are guaranteed to everyone!


Previously, gambling could be afforded only by wealthy people who needed not only much money for betting but also getting to the land-based casino that was rather time-consuming in addition. Today, every person can enjoy online baccarat and the reasons to do that are explained lower.

Online gambling is characterized by a high level of convenience. There is no need to travel anywhere as baccarat games at always with you. It is enough to have access to the Internet, which is not a luxury already but rather a necessity, and any minute of your free time can be spent with pleasure and joy. You can take a place in the cozy armchair in front of the computer screen as well as use mobile versions of the games no matter where you are.

Another breakthrough in the gambling industry is a possibility to play casino games without making any investments. You can enjoy a variety of free baccarat games online available on Slots321 and turn to the real casinos when you get enough practice and feel ready to do that. You will be surprised to see how many games we are happy to suggest you today. Moreover, this collection is growing on a daily basis as all the latest releases are added immediately. Select a baccarat game you like right now and you will understand how gambling helps to forget rat race of our routine life!

The third benefit of online gambling over land ones is accessibility. You are secured from malicious software and waste of time for sign up – Slots321 offers games that need no download and no registration.


It is a common truth that the number of gambling destinations online is incredibly big. However, many of them serve as platforms for gathering money and cheating people. It is the reason why we decided to create Slots321 for passionate gamblers. Every person of our team has already appreciated all the benefits of gambling and now helps other players to feel fun without any restrictions. We have gathered an extensive collection of free versions of baccarat game as well as links to the most reliable casinos so that every coin award of our players could be easily withdrawn.
Moreover, we do our best to offer as much useful information about every game on the website as possible. You can always find a review on the game and some basic facts about it: a game developer, bet amounts, number of players, rules etc. Everything is made for the comfort of our players!

Modern game developers always try to add some unique features to such popular games as baccarat, so if you would like to play this famous game with several interesting features, choose the latest releases. Admirers of classic baccarat game types will always find examples to meet their requirements.

Now it is time to make a click on the game that you like and are your first bet on the way to winning. Follow our news and the latest additions to the website to be the first to try new releases. Take your chance to win any free minute you have with Slots321!