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Craps online Do you like playing casino games but have no idea what gambling destination to choose? Slots321 is a platform that offers you an endless gambling experience no matter if you decide to play for free or choose money bets. We can boast an extensive collection of online craps which will grab your interest since the first minute of the game and provide you with a great amount of delight and new emotions.
Craps is a game known not to everyone, so our website will help newbies learn more about the origin of this game, find out what its rules are and what strategies it is better to use to join winners. Moreover, we offer a diversity of craps from different game providers available in demo versions to play free of charge, while our experienced gamblers would appreciate our another offer – a list with links to the most trustworthy and paying out wins online casinos from different corners of the world. Everyone can find a perfect destination for playing crashers and make serious bets to win great prizes!


It is interesting not only to play craps online but also learn the origin of the game and some fun facts about it. A person who has never played craps before would be surprised to know why so many players surround the craps tables each time in the land casinos. Moreover, never doubt that an online craps game can be less exciting than a customary game in the land casino as it offers the same gameplay and emotions. But now let’s dive in the history of this enjoyable game.
Craps game features a rather long history that is originated from the beginning of the 14th century. It was invented in England and entitled ‘Hazard’ at that time, but gamblers from France decided to give this game another name ‘crapaud’. In both countries, the game was incredibly popular and gathered dozens of gamblers around the tables every evening. A new lease of life this game has received after it was brought to the USA from France. In the 19th century, the craps game spread to most of the American casinos and gained thousands of followers. With the creation of online casinos, it would be a great mistake not to develop a web version of crops game to be played online with no download and no registration.


Craps is a dice game that features quite easy to understand rules. They have no difference in the free version and ones where you bet real money. One of the players is responsible only for throwing dice and is known as a shooter. The rest of the players sit at the table and their main goal is to predict what numbers will be there on both dice. You can understand why the game has got such a name with the initial roll made. There are two possible ways to bet before a shooter makes a come-out roll. The Pass Line is the name of the first bet that is considered winning if dice total sum is equal 7 or 11. The second bet is known as the Don’t Pass Bar and it is possible to make the bet of the following dice sums: 2, 3 or 12. How can you learn the game title you may wonder? The first and second bets have another name ‘craps’, while any other numbers appearing on the dice are called the ‘Point’. As soon as you have made this initial bet, all the other bets have no restrictions.

It is natural that craps rules are the same in every free no download game and real money online casino. That is the reason to take advantage of free craps played online and get enough practical experience before you dive into the world of online casinos. Playing for free you have no limits in the number of rolls, so there are bigger chances to get interesting prizes and bonuses. At the same time, every game has its secrets and every beginner in gambling should learn them to get desirable rewards. Remember, the craps game has two most rewarding bets known as the Pass Line bets and Odds Bet. They are characterized by the lowest house edge and are a source of big prizes. At the same time, there are bets characterized by a rather high house edge. These are Big 8 and Big 6 next to Hard 4 and Hard 10 odds and it is preferable not to use them.

These are only some of the tips you should consider playing free craps games no registration. However, many of the game secrets you will understand immediately when you start playing the free game online. Slots321 provides an extensive collection of craps games that will bring about joy and rush of adrenaline as soon as you click the button. There is no need to download or register on the website – the click on the game you like will immediately start your exciting craps experience!


Slots321 is a unique gambling destination with a huge collection of craps games provided by the renowned software games developers. There is an abundance of craps to be played on PC as well as ones supported by mobile devices. It means that you can feel joy of the game from any device no matter where you are. When you feel that you are ready to risk and want to play next to other professionals betting real money, our website offers you links to the best trustworthy casinos where craps game brings about wins that can be easily withdrawn. Don’t lose a chance to play in the safe casino and get big prizes together with an unforgettable bouquet of emotions. Start your unlimited gambling pleasure right now at Slots321!