Free Spins

Free SpinsCan you imagine that your favorite slot games can be played absolutely free in online casinos? In the modern gambling industry, it is a real possibility to enjoy free slot machine games with free spins. You can find many online gambling destinations that offer free spins and the necessity to deposit any cash is absent. Even if you love the thrill of playing slots for real money, take a chance to spin the reel absolutely free of charge for several times and your wins will be added to the current balance and can be withdrawn easily.

Choose the best free spins casino!

Entertainment must be an indispensable part of every person’s life as without rushes of adrenaline it is difficult to understand the value of our being. Online casino free spins offer an unbelievable experience that adds excitement and emotions to our routine, so everyone should not lose an opportunity to get pleasure from gambling. Even if you are not ready to bet real money and believe that it is impossible to win cash playing slot machines, fire spins slots may change your viewpoint upside down. Forget about money deposits and start your trip in the colorful world of gambling choosing the right casino. You may wonder what it means to choose the right gambling platform! In fact, you can select any online casino at Slots321 as all of them are trustworthy and always pay out wins. However, it is also important to evaluate there number of free spins slot games and free spins they offer for beginners and experienced players.
Undoubtedly, you can find a casino in any search engine, but are you sure to withdraw your wins and not be cheated afterward? Our team has checked every casino added to the list available on our website to help keen gamblers not to waste their time for reading reviews, terms & conditions and moreover, lose their coins. In addition, almost each of the following slots platforms offers free spins no download. You do not need to wait until your favorite game is installed on the PC or mobile device. What is more exciting, some of the casinos even do not require your registration to spin the reels. It is the reason not to lose any minute of your time, choose the slot machine platform from our list, and win, win, win.

What is a free spin?

It is natural that a player with the minimum of experience will know what free spins mean, but it is our responsibility to explain this term to everyone who is new in this industry.
In fact, a free spin is an opportunity to play one round of the certain slot game or switch on the video slot without spending any sum of money from your deposit. It means that even if your deposit has no coins at all, but a casino has provided you with several free spins as a bonus, it is stupid to lose such a chance to win a cash prize. If you have been awarded free spins as a bonus or they have appeared on the reel during your game, take advantage of them and get real prizes!

Free spins no deposit!

Free Spins No Deposit
It may be difficult to believe but you can enjoy the house of fun free spins without a single cent on your deposit. Most often, you even do not need to be a regular player of the casino to get such a great bonus. Today it is possible to boost your adrenaline playing slots without processing any payment. Many of the gambling destinations listed on our website offer specific games where everyone can win cash without betting any. Only imagine, the quantity of free spins varies from one-two to 20, 50, 100 etc. There are games in which you can spin up to 120 times and, of course, get winning combination giving money. The only thing that differs in many casinos is wagering requirements mentioned in Terms & Conditions section. You can learn more about them lower.

Free spins bonus

The main question that interests every gambler, both a beginner or one with much experience, is how one might get as many free spins as possible. Who wants to spend real coins if there is an opportunity to win without making even a tiny investment? In fact, learn 2 popular ways offered by most of the casinos.

1. Welcome bonus free spins

There are many gambling websites that want to praise every new user of their slot machines. Most often, when a new player is registered on the website or has just arrived from the IP address new for a casino, the latter one awards the gambler a welcome bonus. You can face different types of welcome bonuses and it depends on the gambling platform you have chosen, but one of the most widely-spread types is free spins. A casino grants a certain number of free spins to a player for him to feel the excitement and delight when he wins. Only playing slot machines a person can realize if this activity brings about pleasant emotions to him, as well as the adrenaline rush.
One more way how you are able to get a welcome bonus in the form of free spins is making a deposit. Every casino offers a certain number of free spins in regard to the amount of money you have deposited. Consider the example, the combination $100+50 means that if you deposit $100, you will be granted with 50 free spins additionally. Every new spin is a game round and who knows, how many of these rounds can bring about prizes if you are a lucky guy!

2. Free spins bonus for regular players

Who said that free spins are given only to newly registered players? In fact, it is not surprising to see that casinos do their best to support the interest in their games even among experienced gamblers and award them free spins as well. Most often, it happens when a player has completed a certain challenge or deposited a bigger sum of money than usual. Some casinos even send free spins to gamblers who used to play actively for a certain period of time but then made a long pause – the main goal is to return their interest and encourage players to gamble again.

Free spins wagering requirements

Some casinos provide their customers with so-called turns made as a part of the current deposit but having no risk to lose real money. Some people do not qualify them as free spins, but in fact, they are only a simple condition on your way to money withdrawal. It goes without saying that many gambling platforms are not ready to pay out wins immediately if they have been received using free spins. According to wagering or playthrough requirements (both titles are used in0 the industry), you need to continue your game for a certain period of time if you want to be played out. What does it mean?
Wagering requirements make every player continue betting any of his or her win, bonus or deposit for a definite number of times. It is natural that this number is indicated by a casino and must be calculated using a simple formula. Usually, the range is between 30 and 40 and the exact number can be learnt in the section Terms & Conditions.
How to calculate the number of spins required? Look at the following example that will make it clear for you. If you managed to win $3 spinning reels for free, while wagering offer of the gambling platform is equal 35, you need to multiply your wins by this figure. Consequently, 3×35= 105$. Consequently, you should bet not less than $105 on your further spins so that you could withdraw money.
It may seem unjust, but this is one of the ways casinos secure themselves from cheats and money losses. However, there is good news too: not all the gambling destinations support this politic, so you can find casinos to play to your delight and win money without any restrictions to withdraw it.
On Slots321 website, you can find no-wager casinos next to those that have implemented wagering offers. As a result, if you still doubt the necessity to deposit money so that you could win, it is important to play both types of casinos for free, but the difference between them is in the conditions to get payouts of your wins!

Free spins to play the slot you like!

Every casino chooses its policy of granting free spins to its players. Usually, a player receives a certain number of free spins for a game on a certain slot machine. For example, on one slot machine, you can be given 10 free spins, while on the other – only 5! It depends on the slot popularity, the sum of the jackpot and the chance to win. However, you can find casinos to offer their players the choice of the slot they love to play taking advantage of free spins received. It is natural that you had better not waste your lucky chance and select a slot machine that guarantees the highest chances of wins. Never doubt if you should play slots now as nobody knows exactly when
his or her lucky time is. Moreover, even if your wins are not so high as you want, you always get another benefit – unforgettable excitement and a sudden rush of adrenaline that can be hardly compared with anything else!