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Bitcoin GamesA dream of most of the gamblers is to build the only right strategy how to get more wins playing casino games. But sometimes a lack of experience, attention or any other reasons make both professional and beginner players overlook some simple basics that are required for achieving success. That is why every player should remember these simple tips to be able to enjoy wins.

1. Play only in the reliable casino

Every player should understand how important it is to choose a reputable casino to play in. The easiest way to do that is to read reviews of other players as well as estimate what welcome bonus is offered to the new players.

2. Pay attention to the bonus offered

Popular and visited online casinos never compensate on benefits for their clients and offer cashback bonuses, different prizes, free spins, and promotions. The more of them you can get, the bigger chances to win you have. It is a reason to compare what is offered in the casinos and choose the most suitable variant.

3. Choose the slot with high payout rates

When you open the page with a list of slot games, you may be puzzled what game to choose. However, it is natural that you want to increase your chances to win, so there is a necessity to look through the paytable offered on every website and compare the most popular games. There are slots with a bigger number of paylines, wild symbols, bonus rounds, scatters, free spins and probably, they will increase your chances to win.

4. Consider Return to Player percentage

Every reputable casino must follow the law according to which a certain amount of money is returned to the players after he makes a definite number of spins or plays for some period of time. The most customary RTP rate is between 92% and 97%. Experts advise choosing slots where RTP level is over 95%.

5. Follow your expenses

A player should decide what period of time he is going to play and divide his budget equally across it. When a player wins a certain amount of money, experts advise him to play using only deposit from the prize. When he runs out of the money won, it is important to be able to stop and not to spend the sum he can not afford.

It is almost impossible to build the only winning strategy playing casino games, but still, every player can increase the odds following these simple tips and making a detailed plan of the process. Sticking to the last one will not allow a player to do thoughtless acts and will increase chances to win too.

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