Slot Machine Myths

Slot Machine MythsYou can find much false information about slot games on the Internet. There are people who enjoy publishing posts that have nothing in common with the reality, while some misinformation appears on the web to buck off the suckers out.

Every person should do his best not to become a sucker and share only truthful information on the topic. Despite many wrong viewpoints, in many countries, it is legal to play online slot machines for real money. It is useless to deprive people of the fun and entertainment they get in casinos.

Unfortunately, there are still many myths that tell how to become a slot machine winner on the web. People believe these facts and get disappointed when these so-called ‘tips’ do not work. It is the reason to understand the actual work of the game so that any myths could not cheat you and you were an informed and experienced player.

It is enough to remember one simple fact about slot machines to realize that all those posts on winning are a fake: every result of the slot machine is random. It is impossible to foresee or affect the game outcome, so there is no sense to build any strategies.

We have collected the most popular myths about slot machines on the web and provided explanations to each of them why they can not be the truth.

1. The chances to win in some time of the day are higher. It is far from being truthful. It is not that easy and fast for casinos to reprogram game payout amounts. There are also websites that endure that you should play on a certain day of the week or mention that convention dates and special occasions contribute to the growth of payouts. In fact, neither time of the day nor a day of the week plays any role for luck, let alone any events happening.

2. Your chances to win are higher if you push a lever instead of pressing a spin button. However, the only effect this process has is showering the game speed. When you make fewer spins within one hour using a lever, the only consequence you will get is a decrease in the amount of cash you might lose. It is possible to represent this effect in numbers. If RTP of the slot machine is 97%, you will lose $12 when you make 400 spins for one hour. Using a lever, within this time frame, you will be able to make only 350 spins and lose only $10.50. As you can see, the odds of winning remain the same, but the difference is only in the number of bets made.

3. It is not profitable to use a slots club card. According to the theory existing on the web, casinos do not allow slot club card holders win much as they have already received a number of benefits for that. However, few people understand that the amount of money casinos return to the card is a drop in the ocean and it does not affect their profits at all. Moreover, none of the slot machines is capable of changing the program that generates random numbers on the basis of the way you start a game: with a card or without it.

4. Casino staff is aware of loose slots. One of the most absurd myths about the casino industry has always been a belief that employees who work in land-based casinos know which slot machines are loose and can give players a hint in exchange for the reward from the winnings received. Why should bartenders and waiters follow the slots with the highest odds? It is impossible to make any realistic predictions about negative expectation games, so his myth can be ruined.

5. It is impossible to increase your odds. Despite the fact that none of the myths mentioned above does not give you useful tips on how to be more successful playing slots, it is time to listen to an expert. Every player chooses the game he wants to play himself and here, he should pay attention to the odds the game offers. It is better to play games with a high RTP and a fixed jackpot as well as ones with bigger denominations. Moreover, there are more payouts in the games with many bonus games and extra features in comparison with classic plain examples. It is also explained by the fact that bonus rounds last longer and players make fewer bets within the same time period making casino profits lower, so gambling platforms decrease the payout percentage of such games.

Another useful piece of advice is to resist the temptation of playing at the airports as payout percentage there is the lowest.

6. It is necessary to consider coins temperature. Modern online casinos have no real coins at all, but even if there were any, does it sound realistic that coin temperature plays any role in the player’s success? It makes no difference whether you use coins or bills, or play only online games, these factors have no impact on the game results.

7. The period of time since the hit of the previous jackpot. There is a belief that slot machines gain temperature when they do not pay out big prizes for a long time. However, every spin of the reel is treated independently and is not connected to any previous outcomes. A jackpot can be won every minute, and it does not matter how much time has passed since it was hit.

8. It is necessary to consider the slot machine location in the casino. There are dozens of printed and electronic books devoted to teaching players how to win at the casinos. Each of them would undoubtedly mention the fact that loose slot machines are often placed on the slot bank aisles being more attractive to players. However, could this fact play any role in the online casino? Probably, not.

It is a real pleasure to play slots but you should never take any myths about this type of game seriously. Otherwise, instead of fun and joy, you will feel broken and disappointed.