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Undoubtedly, every person knows a Bingo game. Probably, you have learned it from your parents or seen on TV, but a small card with numbers was and still is an incredibly popular game with rather impressive payouts. Your heart starts beating faster with every new number you mark on the card and you crave to get one or another number to feel what it means to become a winner. The popularity of bingo all around the world is unquestioned as a simple prediction can bring about millions of dollars. Players do not want to lose this chance as well as do wish to feel that unforgettable thrill of the game.

Online BingoBingo popularity and huge wins brought this game to casinos as well. Today, it is not surprising to see some reputable casinos to offer really big wins. If you also want to feel what it means to win a prize and how this game was played many years ago, visit a land-based casino. However, there is another alternative to such a visit today too.

Nowadays, bingo experiences another stage of its development. The game has become available online and now millions of players from different countries can play it. It means that they can get not only unrivaled joy but also choose the biggest jackpot and hunt for it. Moreover, you should not wait for a certain time and access the game anytime and anywhere. Modern bingo games are various and designed in many different sizes, so you can choose the game to meet your expectations and enjoy the social feature too.

About the game

Even if you have heard about bingo but did not have an opportunity to play this game, you will easily understand all the rules. It is a game that offers its players an impressive jackpot as well as one or several smaller prizes. At the same time, bingo is a versatile game that exists in several formats, so you must read the rules of every game attentively as there might be some differences.

The format of the game differs mainly by its location. Residents of the USA and neighboring countries got used to playing bingo called 75-ball one. This number is not occasional as every play card consists of a grid with 5 by 5 numbers. Each column contains numbers of the certain type and is associated with the letters of the word ‘Bingo’. It means that the first column is indicated by the letter “B” and consists of numbers ranging between 1 and 15. The second column is called “I” and includes a range of numbers between 16 and 30, and so on up to the fifth column with numbers between 60 and 75. The numbers are distributed in a random way but strictly according to the range. Some games also offer so-called center spots that are also known as free squares at the beginning of the game.

The game will not start without a caller as he has a very important task. Drawing every new number out of the container he makes the game continue. At this time, players should mark off the numbers that coincide with ones taken out by a caller. The goal of every player is to mark the numbers in the way they could create a row of 5 numbers horizontally, vertically or making a diagonal. There are bingo games that also may include several more patterns like shapes, letters, frames, cover-all, and others. When a player sees a necessary pattern marked off on the card, he usually shouts “Bingo!” to inform all other players about his success. This word is also used for the ticket verification and getting a necessary prize.

If we speak about a Bingo game played in Europe, Latin America or Australia, you will probably see a 90-ball card. Every card includes 3 rows of numbers located in 9 columns. Every column contains only 5 numbers and the rest of the space is filled with blank signs. As a result, player’s card has only 15 numbers in total and they are distributed in columns according to the certain rule too. As there are 9 columns, each of them contains 10 numbers: from 1 to 9, from 10 to 19 and respectively till 90.

Such a bingo game usually offers its players 3 standard awards. If a person manages to mark off one line in the card horizontally, he becomes a winner of the smallest prize. The second award is given to the person who is lucky to complete 2 lines (marking 10 out of 15 numbers on the card). The jackpot is given to a person who has no numbers left on the card: all of them have been marked off during the gameplay.

However, there are also many other versions of bingo game played all around the world. You can also meet card with 80 numbers distributed in 4×4 grid. In this game, it is also necessary to mark off lines or certain patterns to become a prize holder. At the same time, there is also a simplified version of the game with a 30-number gameplay. There is a 3×3 grid and a per so becomes a winner if he or she fills the whole card the first.

How to fill a Virtual Card

Bingo has entered the online world at the end of the 20th century, while there were some versions available on the web even in 1996. The first online bingo games were played usually for fun and did not provide any money prizes. Every person could enjoy them for free at that time, but with the boost in the online gambling industry at the beginning of the new millennium bingo has also transformed into a rather rewarding and exciting game.

Nowadays, there is no difficulty in finding an online bingo game on the web. Many websites can boast excellent reputation, safety, and popularity with players, but not American ones. In the USA, legal regulation of online bingo games is absent and it makes local residents look for foreign sites to play it. Some of them are afraid to be punished by the government, while the others still offer exciting bingo games to everyone. In both cases, it is safe for American citizens to play bingo on any of these sites. The point that is prohibited by the law is connected with processing money while playing for fun is absolutely safe.

When you want to play any of bingo game formats, you should pay attention to the countries the website was created for. It will help you to understand the most popular format immediately.

Despite the fact that each website may offer bingo games of different types and formats, there are still features that unite many of these games. When you play bingo online, you can mark a card as well as real bingo players during the live game. However, there is also a unique feature called “auto-daub” that is characteristic of only online bingo games. You can play several games simultaneously and press this button if you want to have your card filled in an automatic way.

One more benefit of playing bingo online is an opportunity to follow the wins easily. You may mark several cards, and not to lose track of the winning card, there is a possibility to sort them by their success. It means that you will spot what cards are winning and plan your new steps on your way to the jackpot.

A Social Network

What makes online bingo games different from land-based ones? Undoubtedly, it is a unique gambling experience that has many features of a social network. When you enter a real land casino, you can not communicate with other players or your partner because it will distract caller’s attention or other gamblers. They may mishear the number and be angry with you. With web bingo, the situation is absolutely different.

One of the best features of online bingo is a live chat. It provides an opportunity to discuss your wins with other players, hosts and this feature has been appreciated by many gamblers. In contrast to other casino games, bingo is considered to be a casual one. The main feature that allows making this game such one is the communication it offers.

Nowadays, chat rooms that are known as “CM” are considered a real culture in the gambling world. Every website has a small chat window controlled by a host. The main task of the latter one is to maintain a positive mood of messages. He or she encourages players to start the game, writes congratulatory words to prize holders and controls the discussions to prevent any odd behavior.

It is also popular to use spoken language in the conversations. Many people prefer to express their opinion and attitude with acronyms and lingo. There are even examples of words that have been invented especially for bingo and only experienced players understand them.

Of course, if you are a newbie in online bingo games, probably, the website you are going to play on will provide an explanation to such a chat language. It is natural that not all players like taking part in the chats and enjoy their social aspect, but the only conclusion should be made – you will neg regret playing an exciting bingo game, so do not lose this lucky chance!

How to get started

When you come to the conclusion that it is time to play bingo, it is impossible to do that until you reach a safe gambling destination. Most often players try to find websites that operate in the area they live, but it does not mean that any other platforms should be avoided. It does not matter where a website was designed and what audience it targets, because the main feature to pay attention to is its reliability. Slots321 offers a list of trustworthy websites where you can enjoy bingo games of different formats.

You can choose a gambling website from our list, follow the link, and make a deposit. Without a small investment, it is impossible to become a winner. However, this process is rather simple and similar on different websites. The most popular ways of processing money are:

Credit Cards: There is nothing surprising that a simple credit card can be used for multiple purposes today. You can take any Visa or MasterCard and ask your bank if it supports transaction to the websites of such a type. Unfortunately, not all cards are suitable for making deposits on gambling websites.

E-Wallets: It is very common today to keep money in the virtual wallets. They offer many different functions, and money deposits and withdrawal are among them. There is also a possibility to process money to the real bank accounts and vice versa if you connect your wallet to it. There are many different e-wallets functioning today and the most popular of them are PayPal, Skrill, and Neteller.

Bank Transfers: Cooperation with third parties is always connected with extra expenses, so the most affordable way to deposit money is to organize the transference of the sum from the bank account. It is a standard procedure when you can send money to the gambling website and most often it is called “e-check”.

Prepaid Vouchers/Cards: Of course, cash is another way to pay for your bingo game, but don’t think that you will be able to send a bill there. Casinos and gambling websites offer their players to buy products with a code and use the last one for funding your gameplay. One of the most widely spread vouchers is called Ukash and you can buy it almost in every retail store. Another alternative of the prepaid product is called PaySafeCard.

The following ways of funding accounts are the most common ones. They also serve as the most popular ways to withdraw money prizes from the account. However, you can also get your wins by getting a real check by mail. As soon as you make your money deposit it is time to start your gambling experience.

When we speak about the way how modern games function, everything is very simple. There is no need to download anything to your device, install any software that might be malicious or undertake any other actions. Everything is rather easy: it is enough to open a web browser and press the button ‘Start the game’. Such simplicity resulted in the significant increase in the game popularity, but with the appearance of mobile devices and development of mobile versions of the games, the latter ones have become available everywhere and any time of the day.

What is offered to players?

Bingo looks outstanding among other casino games in the gambling market. It is suitable for people who want to play less stressful games because modern bingo games are incredibly welcoming. Every player can choose a game suitable for him or her. It is possible to hunt for a jackpot as well as win smaller prizes with minimum bets. You can choose only one card and enjoy marking it off – with every new number you feel how your blood starts running faster in the veins and this feeling is incomparable.

Many players avoid playing for cents because they believe there are small chances to become a winner. However, many websites try to make the chances of wealthy and not rich people equal by limiting the number of cards that can be purchased for one game. It means that every person can win a desirable jackpot and everything that is needed is, of course, luck!

If to analyze all the information mentioned above, it is easy to understand why bingo popularity has rocketed sky high so quickly. Whether you miss a possibility to team up with your friends and mark off the old paper cards, the Internet bingo will help you to revive this spectrum of emotions. It is a simple way to relax playing bingo alone or in the company. Moreover, online bingo is safe, comfortable to play and was to bet. You do not need to go anywhere to start the game right now – it is enough to have an Internet connection. Choose any link from our reliable list of bingo playing destinations and you will become closer to an overwhelming jackpot for one step!