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The best Poker Sites to play online

Online PokerDo you know the most appealing gambling game where one player competes with another? Of course, it is poker – a popular casino game that has been taking leading positions for a couple of centuries already. Previously, this game could be played on boats and in the circle of close friends, but now it has acquired features of a sport. It is not surprising to see international poker tournaments on TV. Moreover, poker game has undergone many transformations and the latter ones have increased its popularity more too.

A very significant breakthrough in poker history became its availability on the web. Online poker has united hundreds of thousands of poker lovers and they created a real community to develop the game further. It allowed to improve its quality and increase the maximum number of gamblers to play a single game. Poker fans have received an opportunity to make the playing process much more comfortable and exciting. There is no need to look for a room for gambling or a partner to compete with – online poker offers players all this and much more. Now every person can learn how to play a game of poker, develop the existing skills, or try to win professional players from different corners of the planet. What is more important, prize stakes in the contests held online are not lower than in land ones, so your gambling experience can be very rewarding too. Poker remains one of the most favorite casino games that never faces any decline in the rankings, so every person should try playing it online.

Where can you start your online poker game? Undoubtedly, there are many websites that offer this gambling experience. The most reliable and safe examples of websites to play poker have been gathered on our website.

Our team has checked every destination from our list and all of them correspond with these requirements:

-The quantity of both experienced and beginner poker players is very big;
-Safety, security, and ease of use;
-It takes only a couple of minutes to make a deposit or withdraw money.

It means that you can trust every website from the list, so make your choice and start your poker game right now!

Variations of poker game

Poker Game VariationsWhen you open a website that offers poker games, you will be surprised to see how various these games can be and how many tournament styles there are. It means that modern players can choose the game they like and play it at any time and in any place. The most popular ones are large websites with numerous poker tables to play during the rush hours and off-peak ones. Moreover, some online poker games have acquired a variety of features that made this version of the game much more exciting too, so it can be hardly compared with the live game.

It is natural that the variety of poker games is so big that it is impossible to describe them on one page. However, we will make an effort to provide you with information about basic poker game types existing nowadays.

Probably, most often you will come across the following poker games:

Texas Hold’em is considered the leading version of poker game all around the world today. It has achieved its popularity thanks to the World Series of Poker which became incredibly popular on TV. The rules of this game are very simple as the main thing you need to win it is luck. Each of the players is given 2 hole cards not to show to anyone and after that, they receive 5 community cards to make up a hand that consists of 5 cards. A winner is a person who has received the best hand. There are multiple game types, and no-limit one is considered to have the utmost popularity.

Omaha is a poker game similar to the one mentioned above but with a bigger list of options. It has similar rules, but with some important differences. Players are given 4 hole cards with the face down and only a pair of them can be used for making a winning hand. The Omega game format with the incredible popularity is called pot limit.

Seven Card Stud is a game with a rather long history. It features no community cards, but every player is given 2 cards with the facedown and 1 face-up one for a start. Later each of them receives several more cards with the face up and the last one with the face down. The main goal of every player is to make the best 5-card hand, but you can play it only if you have put up an ante. Another feature of the following game is the use of the limit betting structure. This poker game and one mentioned above allow players to use Hi/Lo format of the game where a so-called qualifying low hand holding 5 unpaired cards lower than 8 gets another half of the pot.

Razz is an unusual poker game because the main purpose of the players is to gather a hand with the worst cards among others. It makes the gameplay unique and not similar to others.

Lowball Draw Games unite a group of games where a winner should make a hand to be the worst possible. However, what makes these games special is drawing rounds when each player can get a necessary card for a hand. At the same time, the following games from this group still have differences in rules that must be considered before you start playing.

Badugi is one more poker game that features only 4 cards in the hand of every player. The goal of every player is to get 4 cards that have various suits and this hand has received the name ‘badugi’. If several players are lucky enough to get diverse suits, a person with the lowest hand is considered to be a winner then.

Mixed Games are ones that combine features of many other poker games. With every new round, the format of the game changes and makes the process much more exciting. The variety of such games is incredibly big but they worth the attention of every player.

Tournaments vs Cash games

There are several formats of every game mentioned above. If you look through the list of pork games offered on the gambling websites, you can find out that there are 2 basic types: tournament-style and games for cash.

The last ones have received such a name because of the way they are played in. Every player should put cash on the line when they get a hand. In the biggest number of the games, real money is replaced by chips that serve as a representation of the money equivalent. It is natural that without fortune it is difficult to get a lucky hand, so sometimes you will lose money and sometimes enjoy rather big wins. In this game, when you have lost all your chips, you can obtain several more to continue playing to become a winner.

However, the situation in tournaments is absolutely different. When you choose this game type, you should put-up your buy-in and pay an operator entry fee and you will get a limited number of chips for a whole game. Consequently, you can make bets only if you have chips and when they come to an end, you have to bust out. For this process to be more exciting, there are regular time periods to raise either blinds or antes as well as both of them, and with every new stage, the stakes get higher. It means that only a couple of players will win cash, while the only survivor is awarded the biggest pot and announced to be a winner.

Of course, there are tournaments that may differ from this standard procedure. You can also take part in so-called satellites – small contests that are held to define more professional players for larger tournaments. There are “sit and go” games too that feature only a definite players number (about 9 or 10) who need to reguster for the game in advance to determine the only winner.

Innovation brings about new poker games

The technological boost and the appearance of online gambling destinations, resulted in changes that struck the poker world too. Players who play online can face a number of features that are not available in real games, so modern software developers do not lose a chance to make poker games much more diverse and exciting.

One of such exclusive features of online gambling is the invention of “fast fold” games. These are unique online poker games where players can join other competitors who have the same stakes. It takes only a couple of seconds for the system to form the table and every new player who wants to join the game can do it immediately when a new table is created. It is a possibility to produce much more hands within a shorter period of time and get more pots. Moreover, the game atmosphere is tense and exciting, so a rush of adrenaline with every new hand only grows.
Online poker has also received another interesting feature. If you join a sit-and-go tournament with a lottery prize, you can never know what award is waiting for you. In such games, there are only 3 players who complete the rounds very quickly. Only one of them will become a prize-holder, but the size of the award is always a surprise. You may double your buy-in sum or even multiply it by hundreds of times.

The biggest players in the industry

It is natural that with the rising popularity of poker, many websites were trying to take the leading positions in this direction. However, one of them managed to overcome the competitors and now there is one popular poker website that offers the largest tournaments and the best wins. Undoubtedly, the current top position has been taken by PokerStars.

Nowadays, PokerStars has taken such a dominant position among poker websites that all the closest competitors can only dream about such an impact and popularity. The number of players who enjoy poker games here is so big, that even the sum of players from the next dozen of the rating will not be enough to outnumber them. With every new day, the website attracts more and more new players and this difference only grows.

It is natural that PokerStars is the best online destination if you want to participate in the world’s most famous and largest contests, try a variety of exciting poker games with real money bets and see how high cash stakes may rise. Of course, PokerStars is not the only trustworthy and exciting gambling website to play poker, but it is chosen by professionals and experts in this sphere. However, if you want to dive into the softer pools of poker players, you can look through the list of other poker websites on Slots321. Many of them have been former poker stars but gradually have also become controlled by the only poker leader mentioned above. At the same time, each of the poker destinations from our list is worth visiting as they attract large player pools on a daily basis, so you will always have a decent opponent during the game.

Poker regulations

The hambling world faces many obstacles because of the regulations implemented by the governments of different countries. Poker websites are among them. They are also subjected to the necessity to obtain licenses and oversight, and it results in the restricted number of players who can access them. Some poker platforms are allowed only in a certain state or region, but it does not mean that there are no websites that try to avoid any regulations and work in the gray area.

It is natural that governmental regulation of the poker industry has many benefits one of which is, of course, safety for players who deposit money. However, there is another side of the coin too. There are poker destinations that can be accessed only by the residents of certain area and make it impossible to organize tournaments with players across the border. Consequently, it is impossible to create a player pool to function at the global level, so it may lead to a lack of interest in such games among players and reduce their numbers significantly. It is especially popular in Europe to provide support to such restricted websites, but the quality of the game process decreases greatly too. It is enough to imagine how players from non-densely populated states feel today being limited to a certain number of operators and gamblers.

Black Friday: the worst day in poker history

As you might have heard, the USA has 3 states where online poker is regulated nowadays rather strictly. Despite the fact that poker is originally an American game, the government of the country has never supported online gambling industry, poker games in particular.

Everything has started with the introduction of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) in 2006. One of the passages in this document made it impossible for players to bet real money legally. In general, online gambling is a legal business, but unfortunately, Americans have been deprived of the opportunity to play for cash, because financial institutions are forced to be punished for processing any money transactions to the gambling platforms on the territory of the country.

It is natural that not all companies could continue to run business in America being afraid of severe punishment. However, many gambling platforms went on to function in the USA following the existing regulations. For a couple of years, they were rather successful and popular thanks to the so-called quo status they had.

But April 15, 2011, was one of the life-changing days in the gambling industry of the USA. Called “Black Friday”, this day has completed operation of 3 largest and most popular websites in the country. American government issued 11 indictments to punish the website founders and bank representatives who continued to process money to the platforms, and it led to their suspension of the play in the country.

One of those websites belonged to the Cereus Network that has already featured some negative reputation in the gambling circle. Some players were cheated by this platform never paying them out the money they owed. Of course, such a negative reputation led to the closure of the network forever.

Another representative of the trio was Full Tilt company that has become remembered by many players because of its inability to let players withdraw cash from their accounts. Only with some time, they have learned that the company had financial problems unknown to the public and this company ceased its activity not only in the USA but also other countries on the planet.

Nevertheless, one company from this trio managed to become a hero in this situation. Don’t be surprised to find out that it was PokerStars. The latter one put much effort to return American players all their deposits and wins as well as followed the instructions of the US Department of Justice. The company had to pay a rather impressive fine, but it also managed to obtain the assets of Full Tilt to grow further. To return the former reputability to Full Tilt company, a new owner has spent years and gave back all the debts to the players – it allowed to relaunch this brand successfully again.

Though it seems that Black Friday has become an end not to everyone, the consequences of this event are noticeable even today. The number of US players has decreased significantly not only in the local gambling market but also behind the border, so it will never be possible to return to the player pool that existed before Black Friday again.

Poker as a kind of sports

The introduction of online poker has made a great contribution to the sports life as well. The first huge prizes in poker through the Internet date back to 2003 when a beginner played Chris Moneymaker became a PokerStars winner with the prize estimated at $2.5 million. Since that time, online poker has been increasing its popularity all around the globe.

Poker game available on the web has become not only an attraction for millions of oath players but also a boost to improve the game quality. Many theoretical and strategic advancements have taken place since the introduction of this online game. Modern players are characterized by a more analytical mind and highly-developed skills, so they play much faster and make risky bets in comparison with the gameplay that was earlier. Moreover, they can easily keep track of the game and restore what was happening on all the hands.

The final changes to the game will be appreciated by all poker enthusiasts. Every beginner can easily access the game and compete with the players with the same experience. Poker experts can enroll in web tournaments with different difficulty levels and play more serious games with big wins at stake. The last ones also make a huge contribution to the game development and take it to a new level by posting the most successful winning strategies, theories and other information useful for others.

Online poker is different

It is necessary to mention one important fact: poker game has undergone significant changes since its availability on the web and most probably it will never return to its origin again. Despite the fact that poker popularity graphics reminds a wave – it rises and subsides with some time, it is a guarantee that the number of players increases with every new day. Consequently, the game will continue to transform acquiring new and more exciting re in future as well. The number of poker websites to play on is rather big today so you shouldn’t deprive yourself of an exclusive opportunity to enjoy poker any day and any time you wish thanks to the Internet. It is a great life school for beginners and a perfect way to enjoy a fast playing speed, a big number of players from all the continents and impressive prizes.

Online poker has changed the representation of many people about this male and interesting game, so its popularity has been rising incessantly for many years already. If you have played poker in reality, online or want to try what it is, open Slots321 and choose a poker game destination from the list offered. You will be able to dive into this world immediately after you follow the link and your gambling adventure will begin too.