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Roulette onlineWhen a person hears the word ‘gambling’, the first image that strikes his or her imagination is a roulette. Such a game type is always shown in the movies as a key feature of land casinos, but today it entertains players from different parts of the world online too. It is a very popular game but you may still meet a person who is not sure about the rules it has and how he or she can play it online, so the following information might be useful for many people.

Whether you are an expert in the gambling industry or just start paving your way to a jackpot, you will get some useful information if you read this page. There are facts about the origin of the game, its rules as well as some tricks on how to be more successful in this game. In addition, you will find a collection of the most popular free roulette games offered by Slots321 team. The following top-rated games are played by gamblers in many countries for fun! However, if you realize that no deposit games are not for you, it is time to join players of the renowned online casinos listed on our website too.

Site Bonus Casino  № of Games
888 Up to $100 170+
Zodiac Up to $20 500+
Golden Tiger Up to $1000 600+
Raging Bull Up to $2000 200+
Monster Up to $500 700+ Up to $200 1500+
Casino Action Up to $1300 800+


Nobody can say for sure what is the year of roulette game invention, but modern history tends to trust one theory. Probably, this game has appeared among monks. A possible inventor of the roulette was Blaise Pascal, a scientist from France who visited a monastery in the middle of the 17th century. One more theory mentions monks from Dominica who have slightly changed an old game borough from Tibet and created a roulette. However, many researchers admit that the main reason that encouraged monks to create this exciting game was an everyday routine that lacked joy.

If to speak about roulette as a casino game, the first country it was played in was France. It is the country of the game origin so its name ‘roulette’ that is translated as ‘small wheel’ is also taken from the French language. An incredible popularity of the game allowed it to cross the borders and even continents. Now, there are no countries on the globe that do not know roulette game and lose a chance to play it in the online or real land casino.


It is natural that a key to the success in any casino game is luck, but without the knowledge of the basic game rules, you will get no pleasure from the process. It is also important to learn the rules to be able to double your chances of winning in the roulette game played for real money or free games that require no download and are played online.

As you might have heard or seen previously, the main attribute of the roulette game is a wheel. There are 37 slots with the range of numbers between 0 and 36. When players start the game, their main task is to bet a certain amount of money. The bet that is over the maximum and lower than the minimum bet indicated by a croupier is not accepted. There is a variety of betting options to be made when you play. It is possible simply to bet on the certain color or one number (straight up bet), but there are also opportunities to bet on 2, 4 and 12 numbers too – these bets are called split, corner, dozens ones respectively. When all the bets have been made, a croupier starts to spin the wheel and a small ball inside it. When the wheel slows down, a ball falls inside one of the slots with a certain number which turns out to be winning.

Of course, there is hardly anything you can do to win in roulette except for hoping for luck and mesmerizing a ball. That is why the only thing to consider before you start playing is the bets you will make. Try different types of bets and get pleasure from the game even if your losses outnumber your wins. Nothing can be compared to the range of emotions you will get risking your cash and playing roulette in the real casino!


You may be surprised to hear that our classic roulette game can be of several types.
European roulette consists of a standard number of slots equal 37 and you can bet using 10 different ways.
American roulette differs from the first type in one extra slot 00.
French roulette has an absolutely different number layout as well as bigger odds for players.
Live roulette is a modern example of the casino game to play online as a player receives an opportunity to appear in the real casino with an alive dealer. The game is broadcasted from a specially equipped room and several players can play it simultaneously. Isn’t it a new exciting experience for gamblers?
It is natural that you should try to play each type of roulette to understand what game is the most appealing to you. There is a possibility to try to win demo versions of free roulette examples of games and then bet cash to win unbelievable prizes.

Type Roulette Feature
European roulette The classic wheel with 37 pockets numbered from 0 – 36 and 10 possible betting options
American Roulette Has one more additional pocket numbered 00
French Roulette Differs in the layout of the numbers and in the odds for gambler that are higher here than in the American one.


Despite the fact that nothing can help to win roulette apart from luck and there is no sense in creating any betting strategies, but still new players should learn some useful tips how to make the initial odds bigger.

It is allowed to choose one number for betting for several players at once. The gamblers’ bets are differentiated by a color of the chip.

Follow the actions of the dealer. Some dealers use the same strategy of putting a ball on the wheel and it is possible to evaluate where it will fall. This tip will work only in the live or land casinos.

Before you decide to bet real money, never neglect an opportunity to play for free for a start. Every person should train to remember the rules of the game, follow the frequency of possible wins and doing so make a chance to win higher.

Though it sounds natural, but it is worth mentioning one more time about the necessity to start playing only in the trustworthy casino not to lose the money you deposit and be able to withdraw your wins. All the casinos we list on our website have been thoroughly checked by our team, so you can choose any of them for an exciting and winning game.


Previously, you had to devote time in your schedule to a visit of a casino, but the Internet has changed gamblers’ lives upside down. Today, you can play online roulette sitting in the cozy armchair in front of the screen or even on-the-go when you have a spare minute. There are multiple examples of no download roulette games that can be played in the casinos from the mobile phone.
Slots321 is a favorite destination for all gamblers. There is no need to look for the reviews on the popular gambling destinations, as all the free roulette games and websites where you can play them gathered on our platform have undergone a thorough check and guarantee every player an unbelievable experience.
We also offer our customers information about games and their rules. Our goal is to help every gambler to get the biggest win, so we always try to give useful and practical pieces of advice. Of course, it may be difficult at first to choose a roulette game for a start as there is an abundance of them on the website, but it is also a guarantee that you will always find the game from the certain provider here too. Moreover, all the newly released games are added to Slots321 as fast as possible to allow our players to be the first to try them.
There are no restrictions in time or number of games if you play a free mode, so you can get joy 24 hours a day 7 days a week! When you decide to add risk to your life, it is time to make a deposit and win real cash!


You may wonder why we offer such a big number of online roulette games if there are only 4 types of it. As you might have heard, every game developer wishes that his games were played by a bigger number of people and tries to make his product unique. For this purpose, game providers experiment with the design of a game, its interface, and sound effects. All the renowned game developers can boast the online roulette game of their own production and each of them deserves your attention.

There is an opportunity to make a choice of the roulette game type you like most and try it for free from several software games providers. It will help you to understand what game is the most appealing to you and which one is worth being chosen for a money deposit.

Even despite the same rules, every roulette simulator will provide a player with a certain number of emotions and impressions. You can start with a more simple mini-roulette and gradually start playing the latest versions from the popular game providers. You will get enough experience and keep your money in the pocket if you play free games: these are no deposit no registration games that are activated by a simple click on them, while the variety of emotions you will get can be hardly compared with anything else. However, if you once get tired of such a joy, it is time to diversify your gambling experience and choose an online casino. As soon as you make your first deposit and bet, you will feel the blood running through your veins until a wheel stops or a ball takes its position. If a feeling of heart-beating is a pleasure to you, start risking and make your bets in the reliable casinos listed on Slots321.


Whether you have tried playing roulette before or just want to obtain this priceless experience for the first time, Slots321 is undoubtedly a perfect destination for you. We offer a wide array of different casino games including roulette that can be played for free or for coins. We do our best to provide only clear information on the website, so you will easily understand how everything works and start your game. Sometimes it is enough to make one or two bets to understand if you want to continue or wish to look for another game.

Never doubt if one or another casino we have added to our website is worth your trust. We have analyzed everything for you and listed only the most reliable gambling destinations. It is a guarantee that your wins will be added to your pocket as soon as you wish that. Moreover, all the fun and excitement from playing will last for long hours and never be spoilt!