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Social CasinosSome people believe that there is nothing interesting in playing casino games. Most of the players enjoy an entertainment aspect of playing simple casino games and possibility to win real money. However, this viewpoint is not correct, as not all players look for the profit and fun – many poker and blackjack lovers appreciate the process but not the outcome of the game and It is exactly the thing online casinos were created for,

Playing casino games is not always connected with money. Some players never hunt for cash or other prizes as they get pleasure from absolutely different things. They adore the process of playing this bright and exciting games and get fun. As result, many websites and mobile applications that offer to play free casino games have appeared on the web. They are very popular with people from different corners of the world and have become one of the most downloaded programs on PCs, mobile phones, and tablets. Moreover, they have become available even on popular social media websites thanks to the highest level of the entertainment and engagement they offer.

Playing no risk games

if you want to understand why these games have become so appealing to players, it is important to define what social gaming is. People use this term to call all the simple and fast games you can play on social networks or mobile applications. Most often, they cost a little or offered absolutely free of charge. Who has not heard about such top-rated games as Angry Birds or FarmVille? These are bright examples of social games that are lightweight and incredibly exciting.

However, in addition to these famous examples and other popular games based on puzzles, building or competing, social games have been extended by a huge number of free casino games worth your attention. Such games do not deserve to be criticized as they fulfill players’ needs for relaxation and fun. Moreover, they are adored by millions of players thanks to the ease of playing, fast achievement of goals, and interesting rewards that keep players engaged.
As a result, it is difficult to imagine a better choice of games including casino ones for a casual market. There is nothing difficult in spinning the reels and get a good portion of fun when you see 5 the same symbols in one line. Such games as dice and card ones are even more interactive and will ignite every player who makes a bet and turns out to be a winner. It means that you can make the only conclusion out of this: it is possible to get social experience playing casino games as your victories can be shared with your friends while in some games, you can be opponents and play against each other. It is another reason why such casino applications are so popular. You should also remember that there is no need to make bets or spend player’s money to become a winner in one or another game and it is the best side of the medal.

Much Money without wagering requirements

You are mistaken if you think that social gaming apps have no money. Game developers earn money even if you do not make money bets.
We have already mentioned that to play these games, download them you should not pay money unlike the situation with real casinos where you should meet wagering requirements. At the same time, game developers should still get some profit from their products and they have found many ways how to do that.

It is possible to raise money from free applications by means of showing advertisements to players. Another popular way is providing games with microtransactions: players can make small purchases inside the game in addition to basic gameplay and pass through the levels faster.

There are games where you can play absolutely free, but if you want to be more powerful in the game than your opponents, you can buy some artifacts or resources using real money. It will allow you to be more successful, faster or even open some extra levels with additional rewards. All these and many other features can be opened if you purchase them for cash: some people can spend a couple of dollars while there are gamers who are ready to invest overwhelming sums.

You may wonder what purchases you can make in social casinos. However, game developers invented virtual chips that prolong your playing time. Almost all casino applications give a certain number of chips to every player who has downloaded it. This number is enough to play the games you like for several times, and usually, they are refreshed every new day. But when you run out of chips it means that you cannot continue your fun, so the only thing left for you is to buy additional chips. Most often, chips cost not much and many people do not consider such expenses serious, so are happy to prolong their entertainment for some cash. Other things you can purchase in the game are perks created especially for those who require help to become a winner, some exclusive pieces of clothing or accessories to enhance a player’s avatar or any other little benefits that will make a player outstanding or improve the play.

If to speak about social slot websites, most often players are offered to make 2 basic types of purchases. One of the most popular bargains is coins – they can substitute a game credit and are required for playing slots. The second type of purchase is buying bundles of coins – it allows unlocking slots that can be opened by free players only after hours of incessant playing. Players who can invest a little money can open a full list of levels without spending weeks to get this award.

Some people doubt if such minimal amounts of money can bring about good profits. You will be surprised to learn that these so-called free games can be a mine with real gold for their developers. The revenue from social casinos in 2015 was $3.4 billion and this huge amount has been earned even despite a significant drop in the player number. Moreover, it was achieved in spite of the fact that most of the payers never invest any money in games. The biggest part of this revenue was provided by keen players who do not save on their fun. Moreover, when it comes to casino games, players are ready to be more generous to get this utmost entertainment. According to the study conducted in 2012, it was estimated that players of social games different from casino ones spend about $35 per one game app, but gamblers are ready to pay twice more if they enjoy casino games.

Casual play is adopted by land-based firms

If you decide to learn under whose control social casinos are, be ready to see the same famous names that serve the whole casino market. At the same time, each of the brands originates from different places some of which focus only on online operations while there are brands that are a part of the company that deals with land-based casinos predominantly.

As a result, such companies receive profit in two ways. If to speak about the US market where you can not find many legal online gambling platforms, such social free games can be an excellent way to earn money for these companies. Another reason why such free games are developed by game providers is a source of encouragement for players to get interested in gambling and then make money bets when they appreciate all the benefits of playing. When one of the states allows its residents to gamble legally, a company already has a good deal of players ready to start playing games of a certain brand.

You will be surprised by the number of applications that feature social gaming features. Of course, there are several most popular games developed by renowned game providers and appreciated by players, so if you want to find out their names, read the following information:

  • Double Down Casino: since 2011 this game has made headlines in the casinos with real money bets. Such popularity attracted International Game Technology (IGT) and the company purchased the game for $500 million the following year. The game popularity has rocketed sky high and attracted millions of users who ranked it one of the best applications on FB. Today, the casino is still considered to be the largest free gambling destination to work on both iOS and Android platforms.
  • Slotomania: this casino is considered one of the first free playing platforms to gain incredible popularity itself. It was opened in 2011 together with the news that Caesars Entertainment spent $100 million to buy a part of Playtika game developer. Now, the number of casino players has exceeded 14 million people and they can enjoy free games on all popular mobile platforms and social media websites.
  • Zynga Poker/Hit it Rich: here you can see a combination of two popular gaming products that are similar in their popularity. Zynga has deserved to be the most prominent name in the social gaming history, as next to such incredibly popular games as FarmVille and Words With Friends, it has launched Zynga Poker in 2007 yet and it is still one of the most appreciated poker games in the world. Hit It Rich! may follow behind Zynga a bit, but it is a guide to the world of unbelievable slot games from the best international gaming companies.
  • Jackpot Party Casino: this casino is a product of Williams Interactive company that can offer a variety of slot games from such leading game producers as WMS and Bally. Like many other casinos, it is available on iOS, Android, Facebook. It has even been a part of the list of Yahoo Games by May 2016.
  • High 5 Casino: being one of the most visited social gaming destinations on the Web, this casino offers more than 100 slots to play free of charge. You can even find there a diversity of games that have been originally created for real money online casinos that do not function on any other websites without real money bets.
  • Gametwist: this casino is a product of the powerhouse Greentube Limited which stand behind a famous game provider Novomatic. It made its first steps in social gaming not long ago, but soon you will be able to see much more games from other brands there too.

Very close to real money gambling

In spite of the fact that social gaming platforms feature a variety of games characterized by monetization features, real gamblers would still find some differences in these ways of playing. Of course, they are not significant ones as you can get the same amount of fun playing free games, but the inability to win cash makes them not quite the same.

However, it can be a problem only for those, who consider free casino games a substitute for real gambling platforms. If you treat them as an exclusive product created for fun only, you will get that unforgettable light experience and never think of the money you may risk. It is a much more relaxed way of entertainment that doesn’t bear any negative consequences and allows getting pleasure without losing big money.

We should also warn you that there is no certain information on how social casinos can affect people who have a serious gambling addiction. There are mixed conclusions in the research on this topic as some players decide to make real money bets playing these games while the others manage to resist such temptation and get a decent substitute to real online casinos. People who are not sure about their gambling concerns should start with free casino games and tread their behavior.